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Puerto Rico Coffee has always been considered of the finest quality in taste and aroma and it was coveted around Europe as the BEST coffee of the world. Puerto Rico ‹ CoffeeLab 31.01.2016 10:59:52

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Two of its most acclaimed coffees are from Yirgacheffe (in the Sidamo Region) and Harrar; although, their ... Ethiopia ‹ CoffeeLab 31.01.2016 10:59:52

Jamaica Blue Mountain is a wet processed (washed) coffee that is silky smooth and well-balanced, with an excellent full body, a classic and refined mild ... Jamaica ‹ CoffeeLab 31.01.2016 10:59:52

Colombia comes second after Brazil in supplying coffee around the World but comes first in growing Arabica beans. The Juan Valdez AD campaign helped ... Colombia ‹ CoffeeLab 31.01.2016 10:59:52

A blend made up of three of the best Arabica beans in the world that leaves a light but defined taste. Its chocolate note makes it ideal to go with desserts. Prestigio ‹ CoffeeLab 07.10.2015 12:06:19

This blend contains eighty percent Arabica beans (from eight different prime locations) and twenty percent Robusta beans. Sopraffina has a very strong and ... Sopraffina ‹ CoffeeLab 07.10.2015 12:06:19